Find Your Fish

Find Your Fish

Fishermen in Oregon and British Columbia have collaborated to bring you “Find Your Fish.” Our vision is to provide you with information about the origin of the seafood you eat and the story of the fishermen who catch it. Participating fishermen tag each fish they catch with a bar code. If you have a tagged fish, enter the bar code in “Find Your Fish.” You will learn who caught your fish, where and how it was caught, and much more. If you don't yet have a tagged fish, try entering one of the suggested bar codes. This test version works for the Georgia Strait chum salmon fishery and the Oregon Coast Chinook salmon fishery.

The find your fish map is one of the exciting consumer components to the Pacific Fish Trax project, helping you catch information that might otherwise get away.

Note: If you don't have a barcode to use, try one of these: 32230, 32229 , BC5555, BC6666, BC7777. Barcodes are case sensitive.

Barcode not found. Please try a different barcode.

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